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A dog can live for 15 years or more. Are you prepared for that commitment?


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♥ The dogs are our hobby, not a profit-making business & we make no apologies for screening who will own one of our precious puppies.
♥ Be prepared to allow a dog to live with you in your household, as part of your family. Springers do not thrive in an outside yard or a kennel situation. 
♥ Preferably have someone home most of the day or consider doggie daycare.
♥ IMPORTANT! You MUST have extremely secure dog-proof fences as Springers follow their noses & wander off hunting & they are very agile, can dig & may 
scale 6ft fences.
♥ Be prepared to walk & exercise your new puppy every day.
♥ B
e prepared to attend puppy preschool or your local dog training club.
♥ Be prepared for & able to cope with LARGE amounts of dog hair & dirt as Springer Spaniels can shed hair all year around. They LOVE water & mud so may not be recommended for the house proud owner. Could you cope with this?

♥ Do you have small pets ie: rabbits or Guinea Pigs? Do you have pet birds, chickens, geese or other fowl? If so ~ you may wish to consider another breed as Springers are bred to hunt & may not always be the best choice UNLESS you can supervise them, train Spaniels or be prepared to learn.

♥ Be able to afford any Vet Bills ~ & these can sometimes be VERY expensive.
♥ Be prepared to groom your puppy. Springers do require ongoing lifetime coat care.
♥ Be prepared to de-sex your puppy should it not be required for breeding.

♥ Register the puppy with your Council & transfer Microchip details to yourself.
♥  In accordance with Australian laws ~ all puppies will have full tails.

♥  Puppies are initially vaccinated whilst they are with us with all follow-up vaccinations being the responsibility of the puppies new owner - as advised by their own Veterinary Surgeon.
♥ We will worm all puppies
 whilst they are with us ~ with new owners to follow up regular worming as advised by their own Veterinary Surgeon.
♥ We will start all puppies on a Heartworm prevention programme according to recommendations ~ with new owners to be advised by their own Veterinary Surgeon.

♥ We will provide all your puppy's records of worming & vaccinations.
♥ Puppies will be ready to leave for their new homes NOT before 8 weeks of age.
♥ Because we are registered breeders, we will register all puppies with
DogsNT  & all puppies are sold with their original ANKC Registration Papers.
♥ We will initially Microchip all puppies according to ANKC & national regulations.
♥ All puppies sold as 'pets' are sold outright & will be registered on the 'LIMITED REGISTER' & are not for showing or breeding but can compete in ANKC Trials.
♥ All puppies sold with potential for showing &/or breeding are sold outright & will be registered on the 'MAIN REGISTER'.
♥ We will provide information on Springer Spaniels, & care of your new puppy, feeding, training, health & so on to prospective new owners. 
♥ All puppies must be paid for in full before they leave for their new homes.
♥ All transportation of a puppy to their new home & family is the financial responsibility of the new owner.

♥ We will always try to match the personality of a puppy to a prospective new owner & family. This may also mean that although we may have pups, we might not have one suitable for you or your circumstance at that time.
♥ We will always be available to offer advice after a puppy has left us.
♥ Puppies will be given a thorough Veterinary examination before they leave us & any results will be made available to the prospective new owner.
♥ We will always take a puppy back should new owners find that they are unable to look after the dog any longer ~ with all original registration to be signed & will accompany the dog upon it's returning to us. We offer this for the lifetime of any dog bred here, with no questions asked, as we understand that circumstances can & do change. 
♥ Please feel free to contact us for any further information regarding a puppy.

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