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PAGAN | Rheged Ceridwyn Ferch Addiena


  • 'CERIDWYN': (pronounced 'ker-EED-win'), Medieval Welsh poetry refers to her as possessing the cauldren of poetic inspiration ('Awen'), & 'The Tale of Taliesin' recounts her swallowing her servant 'Gwion Bach' who is then reborn through her as the poet 'Taliesin' ('Talyessin'). Ceridwyn is regarded by modern Pagans as the Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation & inspiration. Our Talyessin is Pagan's sire.
  • 'FERCH': simply means 'daughter of'.
  • 'ADDIENA': (pronounced 'ah-THEE-en-ah'), is a Welsh christian name meaning 'beautiful'  & of course the registered name of her dam, our very own & quite beautiful 'Muriel'.

☆ Pagan Pedigree ☆ 


(as of  th 2018)

Little Miss Bossy Boots. Pagan is always just a day or two ahead of her brother in everything she does & has just blossomed & thrived from the get go. She has the most beautiful, pretty markings & she is all girl ~ no mistaking her for a boy! One look at her lovely sweet feminine face will tell all.

She is very aptly named as she is a little Welsh witch, a sorceress indeed who has bewitched us into believing she is not to blame for anything chewed or ripped up at all! Loves her tucker! Always the quickest to the food bowl & so far we haven't found anything she doesn't liket to eat! We plan to run her on & see how she develops & we like what we see so far. It will be great fun training both little Pagan & her bother Windy Pops in the coming months. We can't wait!


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 Rheged Ceridwyn Ferch Addiena
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Nicola & Peter Llewellyn-Jones
Berry Springs, NT, Australia
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