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WINDY POPS | Rheged Addaon Fab Taliesin


  • 'ADDAON': (pronounced 'a-THA-ON') was the son of 'Taliesin' & was known for being "the most eloquent & wisest man in Britain" & a member of King Arthurs retinue. He appears both in the 'Welsh Triads' & in the medieval Arthurian Tale 'Breuddwyd Rhonabwy'. He faught along side Arthur at the Battle of Badon as one of his chief Councillors.
  • 'FAB': meaning simply 'son of'.
  • 'TALIESIN': (pronounced 'Tal-YESH-in'). Meaning 'Shining Brow' derived from the Welsh 'tal' (brow) & 'iesin' or 'essin' (shining). In Welsh mythology 'Taliesin' ('Talyessin'), was also a wizard (apprenticed to Merlin the Welsh Wizard), & a bard who lived in the 6th Century & acquired the gift of prophesy. His grave is visited by hundreds of his followers every year. 

☆ Windy Pops ~ Pedigree ☆ 


(as of  th 2018)

The very handsome Windy Pops is from our first litter of Welshies & what a thrill to be blessed with such a lovely boy straight up! A 'Chip' off the old block, he is the spitting image of his sire Tally with almost identical markings BUT the Welshie gods have also blessed him with the most perfect 'Llanharran Spot' smack bang in the centre of his 'shining brow'. If he is as beautiful & clever as his daddy what a ride we are in for - not that his dam was too shabby mind you! Out of our beautiful Muriel he already seems to display her ever wagging tail & insatiable curiosity. A very nosey & brave little Dragon he is shaping up to ne.

Bred in the purple with the most illustrious ancestors, we are filled with hope for little Pops & his future is looking very bright indeed. We are thrilled he will be joining our small but sucessful Show Team.

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 Rheged Addaon Fab Taliesin
"Windy Pops"
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